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Established in

"I am really lucky for having studio berry with me for my wedding journey."-  Yy YPrinceton, NJ

Studioberry has been the leading Portrait and event Photography service in the city for the past 9 years, and for good reason.

Our Photographers capture, shape and produce your concept be it clean and minimalist or dramatic and lavish.

Our vision, technical expertise and passion has refined over 10 years experience in photography and retouching.

We are very proud in providing first class photography and unique photo props for our customers.


Studioberry, is not only one of the leading Baby photographers in New York and New Jersey, but also one of New Jersey's largest one-stop wedding organising companies.

At 'LouLoutte' by Studio Berry, we provide High End and High Quality wedding photography in New York, New Jersey.

LouLoutte provides a full range of products and services,


Pre-wedding photography & cinematography service

Post-wedding photography & cinematography service

Wedding decoration, flower arrangement

Brides and grooms dresses for sale and rent

Wedding day make up and hair styling

Wedding day photography & cinematography service


We would be thrilled to be part of your big day and make it even more memorable !

Our clients appreciate our vision, passion for photography and film making, dedication to our customers and attention to detail.



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